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Twin County Electric Power Association, an electric cooperative, is owned by the members it serves. Since 1938, we have provided safe, dependable, affordable electric service to more than 12,600 electric meters in five Delta counties. 

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The Greenville City Council recently voted to approve the rezoning of 1280 VFW Road from C-4 to I-1 for a Solar Electric Generation Project.

Attorney Robert “Bobby” Warrington of Campbell Delong, LLP on behalf of Twin County Electric Power Association appeared before the council to explain what the project entails and the benefits of using solar electric power in the project, which is still in its early stages.

The location will be next to the Twin County building on a 1.5 acre lot. Warrington said the project is a 100 KW, which is the same as producing enough power for about 10 homes.

The motion was made by Ward 1 Councilman Al Brock and seconded by Ward 6 Councilman James Wilson.

The council also voted to adopt an ordinance determining the same at the Planning Commission’s recommendation.

Ordinance code C-4 states, “The C-4 district is established to encourage those uses which are necessary economic functions of the city but which are objectionable or inappropriate to the functions of the neighborhood business district, limited business district, and central business district.”

Ordinance code for the Light Industrial District I-1 states, which now pertains to 1280 VFW Road, “By virtue of its location, within the comprehensive land development plan of the City of Greenville and surrounding Washington County planning area and because of the existing and proposed character of development within and around the area; present or anticipated accessibility to major transportation facilities; and the availability of adequate utilities and other public services, the I-1 district is established.

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