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Twin County Electric welcomes a new General Manager.

Leslie Holloway has been selected by the Board of Directors

to serve as the General Manager of Twin County Electric

Power Association in Hollandale, MS.

Leslie has extensive knowledge of the electric utility industry,

with over 25 years of experience working with cooperatives

and seventeen years in senior management. She holds a

Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management

from Henderson State University and is a 2021 graduate of  

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association's

Management Internship Program. Leslie has also completed

various courses in management, finance, and cooperative

core principles.

In 2023, Leslie was chosen as a mentor for the NRECA’s

Women in Power Mentoring program. The program aims to

recognize, support, and provide opportunities for women in

electric co-ops. Holloway stated, “The NRECA's Women in

Power mentoring program gave me the opportunity to share

my experiences, offer support, and boost the confidence of a

female employee at an out-of-state cooperative.  I am forever

grateful for the relationships formed through this program.”

Her managerial experience includes expertise in advanced

metering infrastructure, outage management optimization,

beneficial electrification, technology advancements,

renewable energy, financial planning, contract negotiations, strategic planning, key performance indicator measures, and enhancing cooperative services for members.

"I am honored to be named as the General Manager for Twin County and eager to invest in the communities that serve our members," Holloway stated.  "I am confident in the outstanding skills and dedication of the employees and Board of Directors.  I am fortunate to be an instrumental part of this exceptional team and look forward to building on the cooperative’s strong foundation."      

When announcing Holloway’s appointment, Joel B. (Joey) Cunningham, President of Twin County’s Board of Directors, said, “The Board of Directors is very excited about the knowledge of the industry and the managerial skills and experience that Leslie brings to Twin County, and looks forward to working with her.”

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   As the weather begins to warm up, kids and adults alike will soon head outside to perform winter clean-up and play. Before they do, remind them to look up and be alert for power lines and other electrical hazards. This is the best way to stay safe from electrocution—and even death.

    Safety is our main focus at Twin County. We know accidents happen, but we continue to educate ourselves, our members, and children.


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