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Twin County Cautions Members to Safeguard Personal Information - September 3, 2020


Twin County Electric Power Association, a member-owned electric power association, has received reports that a person(s) has been asking members to provide their name, signature, address and other personal information in order to obtain proxies for Twin County’s upcoming annual meeting.  This person(s) is not an employee or an agent of Twin County, and Twin County is not soliciting proxies for its annual meeting at this time.  Twin County’s annual meeting is scheduled to be held on October 20, 2020, and later this month, Twin County will mail a formal notice of the meeting and a proxy to all of its members in good standing as of August 18, 2020.  Twin County cautions its members not to provide any personal information to strangers due to an increase in identity theft during the COVID-19 pandemic. All of Twin County’s employees wear shirts with Twin County’s logo on them and/or have Twin County identification badges with their names on them.  If you are not sure if a person is an employee or representative of Twin County, you may contact any of Twin County’s offices in Hollandale, Belzoni, Rolling Fork or Greenville for confirmation.

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   As the weather begins to warm up, kids and adults alike will soon head outside to perform winter clean-up and play. Before they do, remind them to look up and be alert for power lines and other electrical hazards. This is the best way to stay safe from electrocution—and even death.

    Safety is our main focus at Twin County. We know accidents happen, but we continue to educate ourselves, our members, and children.


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